2018 Annual Meeting Speaker Handouts:

101  Critical Incident Management presented by FEMA
102  How to Engage a Talent-Based Culture presented by Dottie Harpool
103 Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017 – How to Implement presented by Rebekuh Eley and Edward Jennings

UBTI Notice Handout 1
UBTI Notice Handout 2

201 How to Make Performance Appraisals Work presented by Dottie Harpool
202 Future of the Campus Bookstore presented by Darren Campbell and Paul Blair
203 I have an Information Security Program. What am I Missing? presented by Jim Sibenaller, Jim Pardonek and Mike Cullen
204 Is Your Anti-Corruption Program Working? 10 Questions of the Athletic Program presented by Greg Naviloff
205 What is this Thing Called Higher Education? presented by Greg Deppong, Mary LaGrange and Elizabeth LaRocca

301a Best Practice Winner Budget Journal eForm presented by Jennifer Moe
301b Best Practice Winner  Credit Card Automation presented by Tim Dietz
302 Fostering Diversity and Inclusivity on Campus presented by Christopher Lee, Marty Mickey and Janet Leong
303 Steps You Can Take Outside the FA Office to Protect Title IV Program Participation presented by Anne Cartwright and Julee Sherman
304 A New Benefits and Rewards Frontier for New Age of Talent Management presented by Caroline Melson

400 Advocacy on the Hill:  NACUBO Washington Update by Liz Clark
401  Are Jim Collins’ Ideas Still Relevant Today? panel discussion with Bill Dillon, Megan Cluver, and Rajiv Shenoy
402 Teaching in the Age of Anxiety presented by Dom Belmonte

501 How to Search, Select and Optimize Your Investment Consultant Relationship presented by Pete Murtaugh, Julee Sherman and Jon Swanson
502 The Great Game of Education presented by Jeff Gibson and Maryann Mitts
503 Resistance to Change: A Leadership Opportunity presented by Mark Saine
504 Preventing and Preparing for Active Assailant Events presented by Michael Dorn

601 Is College Worth it? presented by Liz Clark
602 FASB: Implementing New Presentation of Financial Statements for Not for Profit Entities presented by Heidi Hobkirk and Jennifer Randazzo
603 GASB Update and Implementing the New OPEB Standard presented by Fred Lantz and Brian Caputo
604 Effective Transitions – Avoiding Challenge and Capitalizing on Opportunities presented by Mryellen Skeriik and Brain Zygmunt

701 An Urgent Message from the National Weather Service presented by J. Michael Locke
702 Leading the Journey to New Economic Models presented by Randy Roberson, Beth Reissenwebber, and Susan Scroggins

801 Tuition Reductions: Practical Advice and Perspectives of an Emerging Pricing Strategy presented by Dr. Sarah Kottich
801a Handout
802 Streamline Reports presented by Ryan Black
803 Implementing New Tax Law Changes presented by Christina Renz and Kim Ryan
804 What Business Officers need to Know About Campus Policy presented by Douglas Roberts

901 Going Paperless: Automating Your P Card Reporting System presented by John Lenkos, Tamara Gingerich, Dee Parker, Terri Stalhut, Susan Scroggins, and Kim O’Quinn
902 Understanding the DOE Composite Score presented by Raymond Krouse
903 Who’s Da Boss presented by Keith Fitzsimmons
904 Maximizing the Audit Process presented by William LeClaire and Tracey Gran

2018 General Sessions

Arne Duncan
Brian Hainline – Student-Athlete Health and Safety: A Critical Investment
Michael Dorn –  Safety on College Campuses

2018 Annual Meeting Mini Showcases

How to Meet Today’s Requirements for Student-Centric Financial Aid presented by Oracle
Higher Ed Survey Results presented by BKD
Driving Down Costs by Utilizing Risk Management Practices presented by IMA, Inc.
Maximizing Retirement Plan ROI presented by Straightline

2018 HEAW Speaker Handouts:

FASB Track presented by Craig Wories and Jessica West

GASB Track presented by Brent Stevens, Chester Moyer, and Corey Robinson

Hot Topics:

Charting a Course to Navigate 2018 Endowment Trends and Challenges presented by Amy Shreck
Overall Higher Education Issues presented by Steven Bishop
Predictive Modeling for Financial Sustainability presented by Matt Ceppi and Taylor Powell
Fraud and Cybersecurity presented by Bill Kowalski
Key Performance Measures presented by Craig Wories and Jessica West


2018 CACUBO Workshop Handouts:

Human Capital Risk Management presented by Keith Friede
Taking Control in the Face of Change presented by Shari Goldsmith
Advanced Excel Training presented by Kyle Sutton
Cash is King – Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning in a Cash Driven World presented by Clair Knapp
Using Great Process to Solve Great Challenges presented by Peg Pennington
From Stressful to Successful presented by Ashley Varol
An Introduction to Business Process Mapping and VISIO presented by Amy Albrinck Schroeder
Can You Spot Fraudsters? presented by Eric Conforti