CACUBO invites all member institutions to participate in the College and University Business Officer Benchmarking Tool – a collective data analytics effort brought to you by the four ACUBO regions: CACUBO, EACUBO, SACUBO, and WACUBO. The platform, which began in 2012, provides for improved reporting and analytics for higher education business officers at all member institutions.

Reporting in the tool is set up by constituency (nationwide) and will provide you with comparisons to institutional benchmarks needed for strategic analysis. The financial and demographic information you need to complete this tool is easily collected and submitted. Best of all, access to the benchmarking tool and its reporting and analytics is free to CACUBO members!

The more institutions that participate, the richer the comparative constituency benchmark data. Please sign up and participate today!

The benchmarking tool provides for data collection, analysis and reporting – all in one place. Users can create customized peer groups for comparison. There are many filters, including institution type, constituent group, location/region/state, size of institution based on total number of students, and tuition and fees charges. Users can filter reports and charts to meet their needs.

Via email invitation, each member institution will assign ONE primary tool administrator to register the institution. Once your institution is registered, the primary tool administrator will be able to set up and then manage the institution’s own set of administrators and/or authorized users, if desired.

Questions? Please review the Support and Getting Started Page and Flyer.