Professional Ethics in Higher Education

While ethical behavior has always been a focus for our profession, the onset of Sarbanes-Oxley put a brighter spotlight on the importance of ethics in higher education.

Keeping up with the latest rules for ethics in higher education codes of conduct and technical guidance can be challenging by itself. How do you evaluate your organization’s compliance, implement changes, and bring your team up to speed? CACUBO archives presentations and handouts from our in-person events that detail the rules and changes you need to know about.

Have you created an organizational environment that facilitates and expects honest and ethical conduct? Do you have policies in place to address potential conflicts of interest? Do you know what protections must be in place for whistleblowers? Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use the expertise of your colleagues to guide your ethics in higher education policies and procedures.

View CACUBO’s latest ethics resources below.

Enterprise Risk Management in Higher Education

Given the current state of the industry, a proactive approach to enterprise risk management in higher education has never been more important. And risk management is not just about insurance or financial loss. Managing and mitigating risk for an institution spans across all areas and functions. In your role, you may manage the entire well-being of an institution, and that is not something to take lightly. Enterprise risk management in higher education means mitigating threats that could impede your institution from meeting its objectives. CACUBO collects and offers best practices and resources to help you stay on top of this critical topic, including sharing the latest information and best practices to prevent disruption.

Threats come in all forms. How mature is the enterprise risk management function at your institution? Have you identified the threats that most affect your strategic priorities and put plans in place to mitigate cyberattacks, reputational damage, major infrastructure weakness, or physical harm to your community? The world we live in is sadly forcing those in charge of enterprise risk management in higher education to prepare for multiple challenges and safety emergencies. Expert security practices and valuable insights from CACUBO members will bring guidance to administrators grappling with enterprise risk management in higher education.