Higher Education Facilities Management

As you know, when you’re charged with educational facilities management, you have a vast array of responsibilities. On any given day, you may have to draw on the expertise of a variety of topics, including:

  • Campus/facility planning, design and construction
  • Building and space management
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Real estate ownership

CACUBO aims to provide relevant information and useful resources related to higher education facilities management, including case studies and best practices, to help your institution’s infrastructure meet and exceed compliance standards for a sustainable future.

Ultimately, your campus environment and facilities say a lot about your institution. When a prospective student, faculty member, administrator or visitor steps on your campus for the first time, that impression and feeling can last a lifetime. The facilities management function plays a crucial role in creating a space that inspires and furthers higher education goals and ideals, while maximizing your institution’s value. From modern amenities to a warm and welcoming feel, the campus environment can mean the difference between a highly regarded institution and a school with falling enrollment numbers.

Educational Facilities Management Trends

Staying current on the latest higher education facilities management trends can be challenging. CACUBO resources address the specific needs and challenges faced by those tasked with educational facilities management, and can help you proactively stay knowledgeable about cutting-edge technology, products, equipment and procedures.

Before planning your institution’s next campus building project, renovation or construction, check out the latest resources and information from CACUBO.