HR in Higher Education

More colleges and universities expect their human resources (HR) function to perform as a strategic partner. This shift has evolved the role of the HR team. In years past, HR in higher education was limited to tactical and transactional work. Now, HR serves as a strategic partner to the institution’s leadership as they grapple with issues, such as workforce diversity, employee relations and compensation.

If your role includes leading HR in a higher education setting, you make decisions that significantly impact the well-being and happiness of your institution’s employees, students and stakeholders. Each day you must navigate matters, such as deciding health care benefits and retirement contribution plans. You’re also charged with managing position or employee terminations, as well as attracting and retaining highly skilled applicants, both of which can define the success of your institution.

CACUBO’s professional development resources on HR in higher education include case studies, practical advice and useful solutions to help higher education professionals manage human resources in a continuously evolving environment.

Higher Education HR Trends

Employee engagement and how you define your institution’s culture significantly impact the day-to-day environment on campus. Happy employees create a positive work environment – one where people want to work (and where students want to go to school), and one that’s more productive. To address the issues and challenges facing the institution’s workforce, HR must work closely with other school administrators and departments.

Effective communication with your intuition’s long list of stakeholders is key for other areas too. Higher education institutions experience constant change, and organization transformation is hard work. CACUBO members can share best practices and successful strategies to highlight the different ways people respond to change and how to encourage a more positive approach. This is helpful to consider as HR programs change, whether you’re rolling out new heath care, retirement or compensation decisions, or other program adjustments.

Are you seeing a shift to data-driven decision-making? Uncovering the depth and meaning of the data you can access about your institution will help inform smarter decisions. More and more schools are using data to track successes and opportunities, reassess tactics, and modify strategies over time to achieve greater success. CACUBO resources can help you understand the numbers behind various HR in higher education metrics and data points.